or now, I don't have any idea how to fill that damn space up here. It's supposed to be some kind of attention-getter, I suppose...
- daghoti. goes postrock
granted, almost everything is labeled postrock nowadays, but can't walk any faster than slow does sound a little bit like it. recorded this piece on the spur of the moment today. let's see where it goes...

- web finds + DER_WARRIOR
thanks to creative commmons my music is still being spread:

- "Holiday to the Anyer beach, after final exams."

- "Revival Europe MAGMA 2012"

both videos are great, thanks a lot to the unknown guys who used my music.

here are some pics from the DER_WARRIOR-gig at the SOUTH OF MAINSTREAM FESTIVAL 2012.

- SKELETON$-remix onSoundcloud
daghoti. is now finally on Soundcloud. next to some old songs you can exclusively find the brandnew no (not at all remix) (originally by SKELETON$) there.

p.s.: the ZEROED-album ist finally out. the bullet-shaped USB-stick it limited to 50 pieces!

- ZEROED-remix
the guys from ZEROED are still around, but they apparently can't seem to finish their new album. that's too bad, but here's my absolute end-remix - voila.

- DER_WARRIOR strikes again (and maybe daghoti. also?)
there's a new song and also a videoclip! and since MySpace has become unusable after the last relaunch, here's the YouTube-link.
after etienne gaillochet (WE INSIST!) had helped out on the drums when DER_WARRIOR played the South of Mainstream-festival, helios features yet another guest star - brian daniloski aka DARSOMBRA on solo guitar!

by the bye, i wanna revive daghoti. again in 2011. let's see...

- YouTube find re-visited
the dutch shortfilm-maker has used another daghoti.-track (afraid [of what my father taught me not to be afraid of]) - here.

- new project (doom)
since yesterday you can listen to field of honour, the first DER_WARRIOR-track, on MySpace. there's even gonna be a live premiere soon - stay tuned!

happy new year
there could be new music this year, don't you think!? working on it...

- YouTube find
i stumbled upon a YouTube-video by a dutch shortfilm-maker who used storm trooper (waiting to happen) in a slowed-down version. nice one!

- new track on WM-anniversary compilation
surprisingly, the song lars don't like it made it on WM 100, the 100th free WM recordings release - thanks & congratulations to marco & WM!!!
err, please don't take the song too seriously, will ya!? ;)

- new song uploaded and remix in progress
the brandnew song I didn't mean to get so high (The kids are alright) is available on myspace.
moreover, there's gonna be a remix for the death metal-band zeroed soon - stay tuned...

- daghoti. goes Stoner Prog
a few months ago i picked up my guitar again (i hadn't played for, like, a gazillion years) because i felt it was time i added a little more balls to the sound of daghoti.

after i had recorded a half-baked song with a couple of other guys from an online board i hooked up with a drummer i knew. we decided to write and record a song together (actually, he'd already helped me out with percussion on "opportunities", one of my da hofmeister c-songs). however, we never met each other while writing and recording it; instead we uploaded ideas, demos etc. to a webserver and only communicated via online postings. the result is called "the peaceful atom" and has just been uploaded to my profile.

i'm aware of the fact that it doesn't really sound like daghoti., but since it's me playing there i thought it'd be okay to release it under the moniker daghoti.
anyway, it was a really good experience, and i'm sure lieutenant kruger and i will work together again in the future.
however, next time we might try to think of a good project name before we release anything...

however, don't expect future daghoti.-songs to sound like "the peaceful atom", but do expect a slightly different sound.

gotta practice my guitar playing now - still a bit rusty...

- da hofmeister c: three songs online
since last week you can listen to three songs on myspace. but hey - don't take them too seriously...

- and just another da hofmeister song added
working title: "friction of an exhibitionist"

- da hofmeister c is entering da house
on the new da hofmeister c myspace-homepage you can now listen to "ffcyz", the first rough mixed instrumental track of the forthcoming rap-album...

after the release of "i've got braces, too!" in 2005 DAN KENOBI asked me for the original tracks of "afraid (of what my father taught me not to be afraid of)" because he wanted to remix the song. i think i had to send them to him three or four times because being the slipshod genius he is he mangaged to always lose them again after a while.
well, he apparently didn't lose the tracks the last time I sent them to him because today he surprised me with a fabulous remix that is more like a new song merely based on the main theme of the original tune.
even more surprising and particularly delightful was that "(not) afraid" also features a cameo of his friend Ab5zTr4kK+ who he had recommended to me only a few weeks ago and whose extraordinary impressing skills have definitely struck a chord in me.
nuff said - here it is...

- look-out 2008
i suppose i'll have to cough it up now. after all, i've already told too many people anyway (maybe because i need to put the screws on myself).
alright: the next daghoti. album is gonna be hip hop, i.e. with raps and all that. moreover, i've decided to record a cover version of "peace" by YOUNGBLOOD BRASS BAND.
i've started working on some tracks already, but i guess it'll take some time. as usual, i promise to keep you updated on the work in progress here...

- download "sushicalypse now!"
until i add the song at releases\misc you may download it here at STA$D400...

- "monsieur mejot" on WFMU
dan bodah played "monsieur mejot" in his show airborn event today - merci...

- sushicalypse now!
you can listen to the new song with STA$D400 at myspace. i'm gonna upload a 192kps-version here soon.
the song has turned out well, i think...

- "how tall is robin gibb?" on canadian radio
ouèbe musique has played some tracks from the album over the last couple of weeks. nice one...

- more reviews
free albums galore also chose "percipience fiction" to tell what "mystic moods" is all about - what have i done to deserve this? ;)

the web-findings for "how tall is robin gibb?" have slowly been increasing, but often they refer to older ones.
kallie from WM recordings, however, only recently told me that the album has triggered a thread on the official robin gibb-board! don't you just love the net?

- collaboration with STA$D400
the notorious 8bit-nerd STA$D400 has provided a couple of loops for a track i'm working on at the moment. listening to the first results makes me wanna play "commando". yeah, those were the days with the mighty c64...

- first review
a start has been made by acid42's blog, and as far as i'm concerned it may well stay that way...

- how tall is robin gibb? out now
the new album can now be downloaded here:
- WM recordings
- internet archive
thanks to kallie from WM recordings...

how tall is robin gibb?
today i sent the new album to WM recordings where it will be available soon. look forward to seven new songs, one intro/outro and a bonustrack (total 37:49).
in the meantime you can listen to "frumpi gras", another song from the forthcoming album, on myspace...

- new album in the works
i'm in crunch mode for the new album. the title is already fixed, artwork has been commissioned to grinddesign and i've even seen a few suggestions already. it looks like there will be an intro, eight regular songs and a bonus track (approximately 37 minutes), but it's not unlikely that 1-3 more songs will make it on the record.
i'd really like to release it in august, but this of course depends on the question which weblabel will want to do it.
stay tuned for more info (title, album length etc.) which I'm going to post here and on myspace

- six new demos
while tidying up my harddrive i've found a couple of song fragments that i
might continue working on soon...

- "percipience fiction" goes charts
the netlabelism charts are today featuring "percipience fiction" as follows:
   Top 100 all time: # 40
   by style - Lounge: # 27
   Top 25 to watch: # 11
looking forward to next week...

yesterday radio zwolle (NL) broadcasted the new wm recordings-compilation "mystic moods" and were so kind to read out the "percipience fiction"-info
in dutch

- new demo
i've added the new demo "post-civil war opportunists" under releases/new songs songs (as always it is yet to be finished).

- percipience fiction will stimulate you
...says black sweater, white cat - I hope so - thanks a lot!

- new song on "mystic moods" compilation
the compilation by WM recordings features the new song "percipience fiction". download here...

- da viberator is in da house
i've added a new demo under under releases/new songs
(as always it is yet to be finished).

added a new (unfinished) demo under releases/new songs: "urville".
guess i should finish and then release all this unfinished stuff asap.
as for the music after that, i'm really in the mood for more guitars again...

- happy new year!
well, it seems i'm finally launching the english version of - welcome.
don't ask me why it took me so long, but the time is right and there has got to be more daghoti. in 2007! actually, i can already tell you that fairly soon there will be some good news concerning this matter...

- demos in progress
unter releases gibt es ab sofort neue demos zu hören. wie schon auf der alten homepage werden diese jeweils aktualisiert, sobald sich was getan hat, und nach und nach sollen natürlich immer mehr dazu kommen. kommentare sind willkommen...

- erste braces-rezi
das mp3-blog UNDOMONDO darf sich rühmen, die erste (mir bekannte) rezension für "i've got braces, too!" ins netz gestellt zu haben. es gibt schlechtere einstände - vielen dank!

- "i've got braces, too!" auf WM recordings
"i've got braces, too!" hat nun doch noch ein neues zuhause bei einem weblabel gefunden. ich habe mich gegen ein reines electro-label entschieden und stattdessen WM recordings den zuschlag gegeben. ich schätze die vielfalt dieses weblabels und erhoffe mir, dass ich mit ihrer hilfe vielleicht nicht unbedingt mehr, dafür aber (auch) andere leute erreichen kann, denn nur für die electro-szene ist mir die platte irgendwie zu schade. bin gespannt...

- "refresh (ballett)"?
laura kowalewski, artistic director der new yorker ballettgruppe BALLET DEVIARE,
hat angefragt, ob sie "refresh (please)" in einer bald anstehenden präsentation verwenden darf.
BALLET DEVIARE haben sich durch ihre zusammenarbeit mit ballett-untypischen interpreten wie OPETH und ARSIS einen namen gemacht und werden anfang 2006 ein stück aufführen, bei dem z.b. auch songs von JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE und ELEKTROKILL zum einsatz kommen. laura hat mir zugesichert, dass ich das ergebnis zu sehen bekomme. ein ballett-video von "refresh (please)" wäre ja mal was anderes...

- neue homepage
ich bedanke mich bei soc8y/ für die gestaltung und technische umsetzung der neuen homepage. danke, christof und marcel!

- "transitory" im US-radio
dan bodah spielt "transitory (are we nearly there yet?)" in seiner radiosendung auf WFMU. nachzuhören gibt es das ganze hier...

- es ist vollbracht!
nach ungefähr drei jahren kann ich endlich mit einem neuen album aufwarten. anfang des jahres hatte ich entschieden, die ganzen fragmente auf meiner festplatte zu sichten, auszusortieren, weiterzuführen und zu beenden oder hier und sogar bereits als beendet zu betrachten. ich nötigte während dieses prozesses immer wieder menschen, sich manches davon anzuhören, zu kritisieren und gut zu finden. die eine oder andere anregung nahm ich auf, andere verlachte und verwarf ich aufgrund meines großen egos.
das ergebnis nennt sich "i've got braces, too!" und kann in CD-freundlicher qualität und mit dem kompletten artwork unter releases 'runtergeladen werden. kommentare sind immer noch und immer wieder willkommen...

- auf der suche nach einem weblabel
um die weitere verbreitung der platte anzuregen, habe ich mich mit der idee angefreundet, sie bei einem weblabel unterzubringen. zwei zusagen habe ich bereits - ein label würde sie sofort veröffentlichen, das andere erst ende des jahres...

- SKELETON$-remix on SoundCloud
daghoti. is finally on SoundCloud. next to some old songs you can exclusively find the brandnew no (not at all remix) (originally by SKELETON$) there.

Bandcamp? Bandcamp!<&b>
Eigentlich unfassbar, dass es nicht nur mehr als fünf Jahre gedauert hat, bis hier endlich wieder mal was passiert, sondern dann auch noch verkündet wird, dass es daghoti. jetzt auch endlich bei Bandcamp gibt!
Auch sonst tut sich gerade was, aber dazu später mehr...

- Bandcamp? Bandcamp!
Eigentlich unfassbar, dass hier nicht nur nach mehr als fünf Jahren mal wieder was passiert, sondern dass gleichzeitig auch verkündet wird, dass es daghoti. jetzt (2018!!!) auch endlich bei Bandcamp gibt!
Auch sonst tut sich gerade was, aber dazu später mehr...

- Bandcamp? Bandcamp!
Eigentlich unfassbar, dass hier nicht nur nach mehr als fünf Jahren mal wieder was passiert, sondern dass gleichzeitig auch verkündet wird, dass es daghoti. jetzt (2018!!!) auch endlich bei Bandcamp gibt!
Auch sonst tut sich gerade was, aber dazu später mehr...